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Whenever I watch TMNT I always kinda wish they would fight legit criminals, like rapists and murderers and taking down crooks on Wall Street and shit like that.  I always get sad when they’re like “Oh we’ve run out of bad guys to beat up”, I’m like shit you guys are in NYC.  Just walk a block over, there’s a murder in progress.

Okay, yes this is meant to be a kids show, but think how awesome it would be.  It could kind of be like that show Leverage, but with these motherfuckers instead.  Oh, is that woman being harassed by a couple of guys in an alley?  BOOYAKASHA!  NOT ANYMORE ASSWIPES!!  Is there a crazy psycho serial killer, or perhaps a couple of hoodlums who think they are super gangsta going around murdering people for shits and giggs?  I BELIEVE EITHER RAPH’S FISTS OR LEO’S SWORDS WOULD BE GLAD TO MEET THEIR SKULLS !  Is this giant multi billion dollar bank sucking up every last cent of the lower middle class through defunct mortgages?  DONNIE HAS A GODDAMN APP TO STOP THAT BULLSHIT!!  Oh, shit would get so real so quick.


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    I honestly hope you’re right. If not, I’ll probably just pirate it and cry myself to sleep.
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    Actually, as stupid as it sounds, I kinda wanna see the movie! I know the story and characters will be bastardized, but...
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